Personal Reflection

I gained more insight on just how advance our society has gotten from this week’s content. Take for example the use of augmented reality (AR) through Pokémon Go. It allows users from all over the world to use their screen to show live footage of their background, while also showing a Pokémon at each certain location. This prompted users to go out and be active or gather together for events and get to know each other more. In terms of learning, I can see this being incorporated in an education setting where it will reward students points for going to a certain location. At that location, it will provide them a little education depending on what their career path is. This keeps students engage in knowledge and active at the same time.

A second insight that I think is important will be the safety of virtual reality (VR). VR allows users to experience a 3D like perspective while in the comfort of their home. That means people can experience roller coaster, talk with strangers, or see the perspective of an animal from VR. With that, I think it’s important in ensuring that we’re not creating violent content that allows kids to first-hand experience violent content. As with the previous Momo content where people hacked into kids computer and told them to do self harm on to themselves, if a kid directly experiences something scary while using VR, it can significantly traumatize them for life. Parents and creators need to monitor and see the type of content that are being created for everyone.

Moving towards the future, I can see VR making a huge impact in terms of gaming. Many people love being able to be the character in a game setting. They want to experience the thrill of flying, running, or hunting. With that, we can also use it in an education setting by having students such as dental students do treatment virtually to gain the experience before going out to the real world. This will allow both parties to safely train while gaining the experience. New challenges that these poses are those who aren’t as tech savvy. We need to think about a way in which we can help to bring them up with the rest of us.