Productivity of Gaming

Since the start of the pandemic, there has been an increase in various type of gaming. I remember Animal Crossing, which was a game that can only be played on the switch was trending worldwide last April. Everyone was rushing to purchase a switch so that they could play animal crossing. Animal crossing allows for friends to interact with each other as they go on adventures, build islands, and overall, a place that allow everyone to have some way of hanging out with their friends. Thus, this bring up the question of if gaming can be productive.

In How gamifying education helps to build grit and a growth mindset for students by Sherri Walker, Walker talked a bit about how gaming can help students with their knowledge journey. Walker mentioned that gaming builds grit in student as they continue to level up towards a long-term goal such as beating the final boss. While on that journey of leveling up, they follow rules and regulation incorporated into the game. This can be reflected in terms of education or job as each person continues to level up by finishing each project or mission and moving up the ranks. As they complete those projects, they are following all the rules at the same time. With rules put in place online, it can foster a safe and healthy environment for everyone to learn at their own level. Some rules such as keeping users from using vulgar language or bullying others can be programmed into the game itself. Users who are caught using those language will be kicked out and all their rewards will be given to other users. This way, it creates a system that punishes rule breaker, so they understand there are punishments for their actions. This typing of learning will make them think twice about their everyday action and the types of consequences it can have on them.

As we discuss about adding learning features to video games, three tips that parents can do to help and support their child’s online learning are to monitor, reflect with them, and add supportive language. As with everything in the world, the best place can sometimes cause a negative impact on certain students, and that is why parents need to monitor their student’s action. By seeing how well their students are learning and the type of behavior they are engaging with online users, parents could put a stop to early behavior of bullying if it occurred. Also, some students can get addicted to gaming, so it is important that parents monitor if their student are too addicted to online gaming. As mentioned by Anya Kamenetz on her article Is ‘Gaming Disorder’ An Illness? WHO Says Yes, Adding It To Its List of Diseases, Kamenetz mentioned, 97% of teens boys and 83% of girls play games on some sort of devices? Thus, with video games deem as something students can benefit from, it will only increase their screen time, which can result in lack of active activity to increase health or in person interaction.

Secondly, having reflection time with their child is important. Through these reflection activities, it allows both parent and child to see what they learned and reflect on those learned skills for future use. Lastly, as with every child’s learning journey, providing them with supportive words can go a long way in their education. Not all students will be able to learn nor benefit much from the online activity, but through positive words of affirmation, it can help students to build their grit and continue on.

Reflecting on gaming and the type of learning that I obtained, League of Legends or also known as LOL is an online game that connects you with other users. Together, you and your friends or random teammates fight against other teams to climb up the rank. What makes LOL fun for me is that everyone starts at the same level. Someone who just recently joined has all the features or power level of their character as someone who has played for 5 years. Thus, it relies heavily on brain power and strategies to overthrow the other teams. It also relies on trust, teamwork and strong communication. You have to communicate with your teammates who are sometimes strangers to defeat others. Thus, it builds student’s communication skills by learning how to delegate tasks during stressful time. Additionally, it teaches me on how to work in team and creating plans to overthrow other people. Those skills can be transition to online world as I learn how to communicate with others and also work in team.